PERGI paints to answer a call. A dimension requires him to express it, to share it, to highlight it, to show what everyone can see but does not because the connection is not established. PERGI paints at night, special perception of colors, flamboyance… PERGI feels that beings are connected to a common level of consciousness. People are permanently connected, they interact daily as if they were strangers to each other, but they are not. They are a part of a whole, they are bound to each other. It is this connection, this access to a whole that is expressing itself in the paintings. You must connect yourself to give your own interpretation of what you are watching, and then, you are surprised by what you can see. This is not a digital connection it is rather a deeply human connection easy to achieve. Just focus on yourself and the answer is within you, the connection to the whole is present at every moment. When PERGI is connected, it is this whole that can be seen in his paintings through his own connection.

PERGI connects people!

PERGI suggests people to connect to each other through his works, he suggests people to experience the common feeling. The creative process is of great intensity: from a white, immaculate canvas the first sensation is born, the connection begins with the first brushstroke, painting spreading over the white surface, the emotion overwhelms the artist, here we go! Ample gestures as if they were disordered but they are not. The meaning is not yet known. Juxtapositions, lines, brush strokes, colors mix, and suddenly, as if by magic the meaning appears, colors are gathering and will keep on gathering without the artist’s presence. In the early morning, the artwork is complete, full of meaning, exposing itself to everyone’s gaze, offering itself to questioning. The observer keeps his mind focused; he looks at the artwork, he seeks the meaning and suddenly, the emotion is intense. He feels it, he sees it, he understands, he loves it.

The connection is made!

Always painted at night on different days, different hours, each painting is a different story to feel, to understand. Nothing unique. Everybody feels with its own experience, its personality. The paintings generate a wide variety of exchanges between individuals and a wealth of interpretations. It is a real shared experience around the perception of the whole evaluated individually!

It is a dizzying thought and it is very exciting!